John McNeill

Business restructuring department director at BDO

EMBA 2002

Tell us about your time at the University

I really enjoyed the course which was run from the old Ayr Campus, it was a part time course with classes held on a Saturday once a month with tutorials held mid week.

I enjoyed the lectures which I thought were well rounded from a business perspective. I also met some real good people on the course and have kept in touch with a few.

As I was only one of a few people from a finance background I enjoyed liaising and assisting the fellow students in my year.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

Whilst doing my MBA, I was employed as a senior manager with one of the Big international accountancy practices, PwC. In early 2008 I had the opportunity to join BDO as a director in the business restructuring department. My main forte is marketing the services and products that we can offer to other professionals, bankers and company directors in respect of under achieving businesses with a view to turning their fortunes around. I have not regretted this move for one minute.

If you could offer one piece of advice or top tip to current students what would it be?

Keep focused and try and concentrate on a specific area in which you would like to utilise your skill sets. If this means a change in direction then by all means follow your goal.

What is that drives you on in your professional life?

The thrill of the chase, you just never know where and when the next piece of new work is going to originate from, it keeps me going, particularly when things are going through a quieter spell.