John Reid

Director ReidStewart Associates

Engineering with Marketing 1978
Paisley College of Technology

Tell us about your time at the University

– I choose Paisley for the course content. It suited my skill set. I am technology led with a passion for business

– Best day was graduation in 1978. (July 7)

– Opening a photography club and supported to build dark room for members

– Enjoyed rowing at Castle Semple, Lochwinnoch

– Being the entertainments convener for a short time was fun

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

– Probably best to attach my personal profile. I progressed from a graduate to being a Managing Director of an electronics company aged 38. I was also the Chairman of a UK Trade Body representing electronic manufacturing in the UK.- Working with Sir Alan Sugar and in the UK Prime Minister Excalibur initiative was an experience.

– Meeting the Prime Minister in Downing Street was a highlight.

– Building the first version of a mobile phone in 1988 was interesting. Also design and build of of the first Satellite receivers for Sir Clive Sinclair (full design to manufacture/concurrency programme)

– Being elected to the Council of the Law Society of Scotland in 2011

– Travelling the world and learning how other countries and cultures work

– Design build and launch of the first Muslim Adhan electronic carriage clock

– Visiting many Chinese suppliers and travelling around the Middle and Far East

– Being European Managing Director of Bourns Inc..first US inward investment in Scotland (Dalgety Bay)

– Commercialising technology in Life Science/Energy and enabling technology

If you could offer one piece of advice or top tip to current students what would it be?

– Stay focused on your dreams

– Work hard

– Be confident with compassion

– Making mistakes is OK / learning from them and improving is good

– Do not take it personally

– Learn from everyone…they all have a story to tell

– Visualise where you want to be and take the steps to making it happen

– Believe you can

– Do not be judgemental…assess based on numbers and facts

What is that drives you on in your professional life?

– Constant need to learn

– Striving to make other people’s lives better

– Building companies and successful new product and service introduction

– Needing to know how things work

– Pushing boundaries on what I can achieve

– Recognising every day is special