Paul Byrne

 Regional Compliance Manager for the UK & France in the Aerosystems industry

BA Business Administration with HRM 2003

Tell us about your time at the University

When I decided that I wanted to move my career on to a higher level, it became clear that to do this I would almost certainly require a Degree.  I looked around to see which tertiary educational establishment fitted my criteria of allowing me to study part-time whilst in full-time employment and in the area of ‘Business’.  Paisley University ‘ticked all the boxes’ and allowed me to study at night after I finished my working day.

Going back into study was a huge decision as it would mean both my family I would have to make big sacrifices on time devoted to studying, less hours on socialising and normal family life however, I knew the benefits to be had would be worth it.  As I wanted to improve my career opportunities, my financial situation and my knowledge base, it was really a ‘no-brainer’ but was aware of the commitment and effort required on my part.

My experiences were of hard graft, tough schedules and weekend studying in the University library to meet my submission deadlines but also of good camaraderie amongst the mature student base, sharing of knowledge and working together on occasions on projects.  It left me with great memories and improving myself academically and as a person.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

Since obtaining my Degree (with Merit), my career has gone from strength to strength.  That has been down to commitment, tough decisions and hard graft on my part however, the degree I achieved at Paisley University certainly played a massive part in opening doors that wouldn’t have been open to me otherwise.  As my career has progressed, my responsibilities have increased and I gained knowledge in other industries such as automotive, construction and compliance.  I have recently completed a 5 year period of living and working in Dubai, with travel to countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq inside and outside of military bases in very challenging and austere environments.  What I will say is that I would never have been afforded these opportunities without my degree.

I have since gained employment as Regional Compliance Manager for the UK & France in the Aerosystems industry and am based in Prestwick.  Whilst in Dubai I obtained my Diploma in International Compliance and am now a fully fledged member of the International Compliance Association (MICA).  There are no limits to what I can achieve now.

If you could offer one piece of advice or top tip to current students what would it be?

My advice would be to look at what a degree can do for you in your career and what doors it can open for you.  Sure, it’s hard work and makes many demands of you and sacrifices have to be made however, the rewards in terms of career opportunities, financial gain and personal achievement are there for anyone who wants it.  All it requires is a commitment from the individual in wanting to change their situation, a drive and motivation to improve your knowledge and an awareness that although it’s not easy and there will be tough and demanding times you go through, the ultimate reward is justified and you become a better person for it.

What is that drives you on in your professional life?

Ask yourself…..why do I want a Degree, and where do I want get to in life.  If you can answer these questions truthfully then it will deliver all the motivation you require to propel yourself through University life and on to your academic goals.  This is what I did and I haven’t looked back since graduation in Nov 2003.  I shudder to think where I would be now if I hadn’t grasped the opportunity of improving my academic standing and allow myself to to take a retrospective look in what I have achieved for myself and my family.

My motivating factor is now learning new and more things, each and every day and being able to look at issues and problems from a heightened and alternative viewpoint.  The greatest lesson I learned during my degree course was in how to look at issues, approach it from a different perspective and to be brave in formulating your own way forward with justification.  It’s not just lessons in academia that I gained but a new perspective on everyday life.